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We have a comprehensive range of locksmith services and we work with institutions such as the Police, supermarkets, local council authority and the like through to the general public. Our work is always of the highest quality and we offer a standard warranty on all our work.

Our locksmiths vans are fully stocked with tools, equipment and a variety of replacement lock as well a key cutting machine on board too.

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Why Choose Us?

We are a trusted and reliable local service. If you’re in need of a Locksmith, get in touch with us – we’ll be happy to assist you.

Our work is always of the highest quality and we offer a standard warranty on all our work.

We are a family run, independent locksmith company. Established since 1997.

Trusted Local Service

No Call Out Charges

Fully Insured Work

Competitive Rates

Non-Destructive Entry Methods

30 min Response Time

Warranty - 12 months

Used by Local Police

What We Offer

Security Site Surveys – Concerned about the security of your building? Call us now to find out about our free security site survey. We will show you all your weak points of entry and possible solutions covering all budgets.

Safe Opening – We offer a safe opening and safe repair service. This is a specialist field not offered by your normal locksmith. Our locksmith engineers have undergone additional training to handle your safe requirements.

Master Key Systems –Restrict and monitor movement within your premises. These keys cannot be duplicated by unauthorised persons. We can supply and fit all system types.

Key Cutting – All our vans are equipped with a key cutting machine on board. Please ask our locksmith if you need any additional keys cut whilst he is there. Most locks come with 3 sets but you may need more.

CCTV Installation – We can provide you the best CCTV system for your building taking into considerations such as your budget and the reason for need. Our installations are speedy, guaranteed and we work with a wide range of suppliers.

Lock Repairs – It is our duty as honest locksmiths to advise when locks can be repaired rather than replaced. It’s always our preference to fix a lock rather than to replace, saving our customers money and causing less damage.

Locked Out or Locked In – On call 24h a day 7 days a week. Our locksmith’s response time is under 30 mins 93% of the time. We are your next emergency service after 999 and will help you gain access or get out of locked in situations.

uPVC Door Security – We are able to replace, re-align and repair most uPVC doors, making your premises safe. Our locksmiths carry a range of uPVC locks on board our vans to save time having to return.

Outbuilding and Garage Door Security – Burglars and thieves are drawn to buildings and sheds that provide easy access and poor security. Valuable belongings are often kept in outbuildings and garages – do you have good security?

Locks Fitted – We supply and fit locks to most doors, windows and even furniture. We use insurance approved locks with the BS63621 standard to give you peace of mind.

Domestic Locksmith – We can solve any domestic locksmithing problems you may have; lockouts, jammed doors or faulty locks. Our locksmith usually arrive within minutes.

Wheelclamps Released – We are able to remove most wheel clamps by picking the lock or by using other non destructive methods. If you damage the lock you can be liable for prosecution for criminal damage. Call us to get your car free – legally!

Emergency Locksmith – We are contactable 24h a day, everyday of the year. Our locksmith engineers are always on hand to give advice and typically arrive within 30 mins of your call.